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To open an account at Exen Markets; Your account will be opened by our investment experts after you send your ID copy and address confirmation via e-mail.

After opening an investment account at Exen Markets, you can evaluate your investments in many products. Along with the trainings you will receive from our experts, you can also evaluate your own investments by reading graphics and interpreting the market. If you wish, you can direct your investments in line with the information given by our experts and with the daily signals chosen by our expert staff for you.




When you want to move your open positions at another broker to us; First of all, you open an investment account at Exen Markets. You can evaluate your investments through us after they are matched with your transactions at the other broker.




You can instantly request and perform the withdrawal of your free collateral balance, using any method you want.




You can make it to your investment account at Exen Markets with one of the methods suitable for you, such as Bank Transfer-EFT, SWIFT, Crypto Transfer, Credit Card.




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